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Lash Extension Pricing

A complimentary lash consultation is recommended for anyone considering eyelash extensions.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

A grouping of thinner diameter lash extensions applied in a fan shape to each natural lash.

  • Full Set $300 (Includes lash wash and sealer to help maintain lash extensions)
  • 20 Minute Volume Touch Up $45 (Recommended before a big event or in-between regular fills if you’ve been harder on your lashes)
  • 45 Minute Volume Fill $65 (Recommended every 2-3 weeks)
  • 60 Minute Volume Fill $85 (Recommended every 3-4 weeks and for those who want to maintain extremely full lashes) Removal of Lash Extensions $36

***Anything after 4+ weeks requires a full set to be scheduled

Additional Information

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic eyelashes. They are attached to each individual natural eyelash – not to the skin. The extensions grow out with your natural lashes and will require fill-ins to maintain the look of the lash extensions. This service is beauty enhancing and eliminates the need to wear mascara. It is a meticulous service which requires skill and precision of a certified lash technician. Once the eyelash extensions are applied, they are so natural looking that it is difficult to tell that you have extensions on. Size availability ranges from short to long, full to more natural, which will be decided based on what is safest for your unique natural eyelashes and agreed upon with your certified eyelash technician.

Eyelash extensions are not for everyone.

This is a high-maintenance beauty treatment that requires gentle care for the lash extensions for them to remain in good condition and be long-lasting. Once the lashes are attached, you must not rub or pull on them. Those with allergies to latex, surgical tapes, carbon black, cyanoacrylates are not good candidates for lash extensions and should consider an eyelash lift as an alternative.

How long will my eyelash extensions last if I follow the proper care instructions?

In some cases, eyelash extensions can last up to 6-8 weeks. However, with proper care, it is recommended to get a 45 minute touch up after about 2-3 weeks. Like all hair, there are 3 phases to the eyelash growth cycle,

  • Anagen- the ‘active growth phase’. Only 40% of the upper eyelashes are in active growth at any one time. This phase lasts for 30-45 days;
  • Catagen- the ‘transition phase’ when the eyelash stops growing and the follicle shrinks. This lasts 2-3 weeks; and
  • Telogen- this is the ‘resting phase’ and can last over 100 days before the eyelashes fall out.

There are some lashes in each phase at all times; therefore, some will be lost as part of the natural cycle.

Do the eyelash extensions damage my natural eyelashes?

No. Lash extensions are adhered to one single natural lash, which will grow out naturally as your own lash matures. The eyelash adhesive is formulated to create a solid bond, specifically for human lashes. The adhesive dries very soft on lashes, allowing the lashes to stay flexible and bouncy just like your own lashes. Pulling and rubbing should be avoided as it can cause damage to both your natural lashes as well as the extensions.

How do I set up an appointment?

All appointments should be scheduled directly with Kontempo via call or text to (402) 714-3888. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to book a full set of eyelash extensions. Clients who have extensions previously applied by another lash artist are required to book a 60 minute appointment should they choose to forgo a consultation.

What should you do before your eyelash extension appointments?

We do not want to spend time cleaning your lashes – we’d rather spend time working on perfecting your lashes. Prior to your appointment please remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes with mild oil-free cleanser. Do not use oil-based makeup removers to clean your lashes prior to the application.

It is very important to avoid doing the following while you have eyelash extensions:

  1. Avoid steam- so no spas, saunas, or cooking in a steamy kitchen. Steam will affect the glue, stopping it from bonding properly and may result in loss of extensions entirely.
  2. Do not put mascara on your lash extensions. This weighs them down and can cause your natural lash to shed prematurely.
  3. Do not pull your lash extensions- as you’re likely to pull out your own natural lash with it. Repeatedly doing so can permanently damage your natural lashes.
  4. Do not rub, perm or tint lashes before or after lash extension application.
  5. Do not try to remove the extensions on your own. Schedule a quick 20 minute appointment should you wish to have them removed.
  6. Do not cut your extensions- you risk cutting and damaging your natural lashes.
  7. Avoid facial products containing oil including but not limited to cleansers, creams and makeup removers they can break down the lash adhesive and cause to the extensions to fall off prematurely.
  8. Avoid sleeping with your face in a pillow as it can strain the bond between the natural lashes and the extensions and may result in loss of the extensions and/or damage to your natural lashes.

What happens if a lash should loosen or become dislodged? Do not pull on the lash. Please contact your technician to make an appointment to have them removed or replaced, in order to avoid damage to your natural lash. As your natural lashes fall out due to the growth cycle, you will need refills when your new lashes grow in. Depending on your hair’s growth cycle, how you maintain your lashes, and how full you wish to keep them, you may find that you need a refill every 2 weeks.

Late Arrival Policy:

Arriving late to appointments requires your lash artist to shorten your appointment time. Clients arriving over 15 minutes late may be asked to reschedule, as accommodating late clients may inconvenience the lash artists’ next appointments. While we will try our best to accommodate you, understand that your appointment may be rescheduled at our discretion. In this event, the cancellation/rescheduling policy will come into effect and full fees will still be applicable. A call or text to alert us of your late arrival is also greatly appreciated.

Cancellation Policy:

Please allow 48 hours notice for cancellations so that we may fill the time you reserved. If you are unable to provide advance notice you will be charged for the amount of your appointment. This amount must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment.